LED Channel Letters

Using LED channel letters is one of the best methods to advertise your business to promote sales. As the world's economy has further developed, the competition for business has become acutely more intense.

For the sign industry, LED channel letters is the way of the future. LED lights can last for more than 100,000 hours, a much longer working life than the traditional channel letter signs. Since they are the most efficient lighting method for saving energy, you will also save money on your electric bill. Research has proven that LED letters are approximately 80 percent more efficient than neon-lit letters. Many businesses intend to install LED channel letters to replace neon-lit signs because of the promise of saving energy with affordable led letters.

channel letters led channel letters channel letters sign

LED channel letters are much lighter in weight so they are much easier to install. Since they require a lower voltage power source LED channel letter signs can save you a lot on installation fees.

If you are considering purchasing a LED channel letter sign, we will be glad to offer you a quote. We are an experienced manufacturer based in China with an office in the United States. We have created many channel letter signs for customers in many places including the European market, the USA and Australia. Even Germany, known for being particular, is satisfied with our products.

We provide many types of channel letter signs for you to choose from, such as acrylic letters and stainless steel letters. They can be face-lit, back-lit, side-lit or any illuminating method you desire. They are available in various colors, sizes and graphic lettering styles. We use high quality materials and have many years of experience in this industry. We would be glad to offer you a customized channel letter sign for your project to suit your specific needs.

channel letters led channel letters channel letters sign

Using LED channel letter signs is a very efficient and beautiful way to advertise your business. Our company is very skilled in every facet of the fabrication process and we care about details. Our products are of superior quality and are delivered with the efficiency of our DHL partner. The quality of our product will still be there long after you have purchased your channel letters.

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